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Businesses are made up of talented people doing what they’re passionate about and great at. However most of the time just being great at what you do, doesn’t translate well into marketing it.

This is when the team at Chameleon Marketing is here to help. We are a collective of marketing, creative and development experts dedicated to helping people achieve more from their marketing efforts.

Our belief is that with a little help, you can market yourself in a way that properly represents the excellent goods and services you provide, driving real value for your business. After all, if you weren’t an expert in what you do – you wouldn’t be in business in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader, a multi-national enterprise, a small limited company, an entrepreneurial startup or even just in the planning phase – if you’ve got a product and a business we can bring our years of expertise to bear and make sure your marketing is done right.

Our whole setup is designed to flex to your needs, without carrying the overheads of a big agency.

“I believe that every business deserves access to first class marketing & branding solutions as a right, not a privilege.”

–Jill Wieser, Founder of Chameleon Marketing Group



We deal directly with decision makers and their teams.

This helps us to get to grips with the direct and indirect challenges you’re facing.

We know that the best way to produce incredible outputs is to understand your business and your objectives from the outset. This forms the basis from which we develop your overall marketing campaigns and deliver an end result drives real value.

Our process breaks down into a simple four-stage model:

This model has been tried and tested, it gives us the flexibility to meet your needs and deliver exactly what is required to meet your needs.



Together we learn everything we can about you, your business and your goals.


We then develop the solutions and make sure you understand fully what’s involved.


We then deliver these outputs and solutions your business requires along with.


Finally we hand over control to you and report on the successes – to take the helm – or if you want, we can continue to run aspects of your marketing for you.

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