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We cater to all of your marketing needs, from launching a new endeavour to helping guide you on how to sell your services online.

Just running your business is hard enough and we know just how hard it can be to grow your business or just even do something new. That’s where we can come in and help. We’ve got a huge experience across a tonne of different industries and can make sure that you achieve your marketing ambitions.

Our crack team of marketing specialists, can design, manage, and implement campaigns to suit most budgets and are happy to consult on a wide range of different activities aimed at delivering your needs.


Ross Wieser

Founder & COO

Ross Wieser brings over 25 years of experience to CMG. Responsible for leading & developing custom brand strategies.  His diverse multi-functional experience with the Fortune 500 include: Enterprise Sales, Product Development, Management, Best Practices in Supply Chain, Manufacturing Process improvement & off shore product development. 

Mr Wieser brings a seasoned leadership presence, which promotes a client-focused culture based on trust, value, and client care. 

Jill Wieser

Founder & CVO

I believe that every business deserves access to first class marketing & branding solutions as a right, not a privilege. By providing strategic support to businesses, I take away the pain from leadership/business owner who is usually trying to juggle too many balls and therefore neglecting marketing planning, budgeting and implementation, let alone monitoring the ROI 
Working with you I will help to grow a profitable business, branding standards and achieve aspirational goals.


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